CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

Our clients are our best advertising. Here's what they say...

John arrived promptly at 10 as scheduled and cleaned three floors of carpets and rugs. He was there for 4 1/2 hours and when he left, the place looked great. The service was super and I’d recommend him to anyone in the Cartersville area.
Don Bergert

Best Carpet Cleaner in Bartow County. John Hatam showed up five minutes early (I like that) on 4/8/11. My carpet looked awful and was heavily stained in spots. He used his cleaning method which is not “steam” and was able to remove the spots the carpet cleaner we hired a year ago said would not come out. The carpet dried faster, smelled better and, frankly, did not look like the same carpet. I highly recommend John. I will have him in at least once a year. I would never use anyone who “steam cleans.”

Real Estate and Property Owners

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the work you have done! I am a full time Real Estate Agent and I am going to recommend you to every client I have. You did the white carpets of one of my listings recently and I told them that there was no way this house would sell without replacing the carpets. to my amazement not only did the carpets come out looking like new but every stain in the carpet was gone and the smell is absolutely incredible. the house sold within days of the cleaning and one of the comments the client’s realtor made was the house smelled so good they couldn’t believe it. I just had you do one of my rental homes and I can’t wait to see how it turned out. Thank you for an incredible job. You have my business from now on!
David P., Platinum Properties.

I was SOOOOO skeptical. I had my carpets “cleaned” less that a year ago and they did not look any better. So, I searched Google and found CitruSolution read the reviews, called John (asked A LOT of questions) and made the appointment. Even after he was done I told him I was still skeptical, but 4 days later I could not be happier, my carpets look brand new, no stains or dirt in the high traffic areas and my daughter had a HUGE pet stain in her room which is GONE!!! Truly amazing, thank you for GREAT service and a GREAT product. You do not find that, much these days your business truly stands out..
Well from what I’ve seen, the carpets look new. I will definately call you for the next one.”
Russ, Paradise Properties of South Florida/Real Estate Investments.


My carpet has never been any better.Loved the product he used would use him again anytime.Plus it dryed very very fast and still smells great.WORTH IT!!!!!!!!
Jessica D.

Hi, I have been a native of Cartersville, GA for about 25 years. I have just experienced one of the most excellent carpet cleaning solutions I have ever tried! We live in a 3 story brick house and we have about 7 rooms total. The house was built in 1998. We use to use the rent-a-cleaners, mom n pop cleaning companies and boy let me tell you, we have been wasting our time and money. Citrus Solution has all 7 rooms looking as if the carpet was just laid. Get with this guy because the price is right and the carpet is fresh! John is amazing and I will continue to refer him because his work is awesome and so worth it, even in a down economy!
Very, Very Satisfied!
Cartersville, GA.