CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning
CitrusManBartow on the job!

CitrusManBartow on the job!

Meet CitrusManBartow

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning has been providing first-rate carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services to cities through the United States since 1983. Our exclusive product, “CitruSolution,” in proudly made right here in Georgia.

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning – Cartersville/Bartow County & Rome/Floyd County Georgia  began in 2008 and is owned and operated by John Hatam. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaners is a residential and commercial carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning company servicing Cartersville, GA, all of Bartow County and Rome, GA including all of Floyd County, GA.

I have been working in an automotive industry for 18 years. I was an owner/operator with Quiznos sub restaurant for five years,retail and technical trade positions that all demand a serious dedication to serving people.

I  bought a CitruSolution carpet cleaning business in Bartow county GA and recently just bought the Rome/Floyd County GA. We clean carpets, rugs and upholstery inBartow County and Floyd County GA , and are the most professional, effective, and customer friendly carpet cleaning business in the area.

Our goals are two fold: 1) to professionally and humbly serve the carpet and upholstery cleaning needs of our Bartow/Floyd County GA area, 2) to effectively serve our community and people in ways to build them up and bring them together.


Residential and Commercial cleaning for Carpets, Area Rugs, and Furniture. Process designed with pet owners in mind.